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Women’s Street Watch NCL

We’re really happy with the working relationship we’ve built so far, and hope that this continues!


“We are Women’s Street Watch, a community organisation founded in the North East.

We weren’t 100% clear on our needs or requirements when we got in touch with North East Radio Comms, but Jason, Iain and the rest of the team have been an absolute pleasure to work with and so helpful in getting us exactly what would work best for us.

The radios we have now are great quality, really useful and so easy to use. We’re really happy with the working relationship we’ve built so far, and hope that this continues!”

When we were approached by Women’s Street Watch, they came to us with a need of a communication system that would work throughout Newcastle’s city centre.
Using one of our robust radio repeater networks, setup in and around Newcastle and the North East we could assist with the enquiry as using simplex channels (ie Radio to Radio) would not be sufficient due to the built up area of the city centre.

The hardware used are the latest state of the art Motorola’s SLR5500 Repeater and slimline SL1600 handportable units. These are ideal choices as the handportable units are slim, lightweight, easy to use and very robust.

To go alongside the SL1600 we also supplied G-Style swivel earpieces, these look discreet, easy to keep clean and keeps the Women’s Street Watch member’s hands free when they are out at night.

As for the channel setup they have, we gave them 2 simplex channels and 2 repeater channels, the main concept was to allow for local team working with a wide area facility to use when needed (e.g. all group hailing, emergency announcements and calls).

The last channel is set up as hailing channel, meaning whichever channel the users are on they would hear whatever was being broadcasted on the hailing channel, this was intended to be used for emergency and safety purposes. Manually emergency calling (panic button) is also available for use if needed.

We are more than happy to put in time and effort to help local businesses and community organisations as it benefits everyone in the north east.

~ Chris – Radio Technician
Women’s Street Watch NCL is an independent community group with the aim of helping to protect women out and about at night.

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