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Wide Area Systems

Connect and link radio sites in a scalable and affordable fashion

Wide area systems employ radio repeaters strategically located to give extended radio coverage across a specific area; this could be a large factory, hospital, university campus, shopping complex, or even a large geographical region.

Wide Area and Connected Systems

Connected radio systems using an IP network can be used to extend the coverage even further in the following ways:

Contiguous plan

Adjacent wide area systems are connected together to give one larger wide area system.
This method could be used to give additional radio coverage for larger complexes, factory extensions, council regions, etc.

Non-contiguous plan

Geographically separated wide area systems are linked together to connect remote sites to each other.
For example, this method could be used to connect a factory in Newcastle to a distribution centre in Birmingham, or a remote rural hospital to a city centre hospital.
It is also an ideal solution to cover lone workers on remote sites.

Work smarter, safer and more efficient

Radios are known for their robust, dependable, and simple operation; you press a button and are immediately connected to the relevant parties. No delays, no queues and no answer phones.
This solution saves time and therefore money. An increase in safety and security are also added to increase the value of service. A radio system Return Of Investment (ROI) can be as little as 6 months with a normal working life of a radio system being over 10 years

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