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RM Racing

North East Radio Communications are a vital part of our team


“Racing boats is a team sport, and the strength of any team is their ability to communicate. North East Radio Communications provides us with knowledgeable and friendly staff who understand our requirements and offer a robust solution customised to suit specific requirements.

Traveling at over 100 miles per hour it’s very important that our driver can easily and clearly communicate with his radio person at race control and North East Radio Communications worked with us to modify our boat adding a stable aerial and steering wheel push to talk for the driver, together with full headphones for the mechanics to remove background noise and help secure conversations.

They also ensure we are fully legal, operating on frequencies that are safe and not able to be overheard by our competition.

North East Radio Communications are a vital part of our team and their expertise is with us at ever race.”

The main reason we gave RM Racing digital radios is that due to the binary nature of the signal means it has a high level of noise rejection.

Secondly a digital signal will stay at full strength until it reaches it’s maximum distance whilst an analogue signal wil “fade out” the further along it goes.

Paired along with Peltor headsets, background noise is reduced to a minimum to ensure voice communication is clear during races.

~ Chris – Radio Technician
RM Racing is a team that competes in events held by the UK Royal Yachting Association

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