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Motorola SLR8000

Motorola SLR8000

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The SLR 8000 is the natural replacement to the previous MTR3000 radio repeater, this updated model now sports a smaller size (2U) and is designed for indoor use only. The new unit is future proofed in many areas, 15 times more memory, 10 times more processing, 12 times more storage and I/O options. The repeater is designed for either rack mounting. The choices of operations are full ranging, from simple analogue operations, MPT1327 trunking, 4 wire line to Capacity Max integration (with license keys).

The unit is rated at 100% duty cycle with field replaceable modules, this is an improvement over the “two mobile in a box” approach. Battery backup options and alarms are wide and varied, the units is equipped with a 5A battery charger for battery backup, networking options are catered for IPSC, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus and Capacity Max.

The product is very versatile and can aid analogue to digital migration strategies with Dynamic Mixed Mode operation. 3rd party interfacing is also available for CAD packages such as TRBOnet Enterprise and TRBOnet PLUS, this reduces the need for local control/master stations.

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Get all the benefits of digital, including better voice quality, better operational range and better battery life – but retain compatibility with your existing radio fleet while giving yourself the freedom to migrate to the latest technology at your own pace.


Due to its smaller form factor the unit can be mounted in a deployable transit case. Custom setups have been done to customer specs (call for details).

Future Proofed

The SLR series have looked into the future and anticipated expansion in increased memory and processing power. Extra options to cope with a full variety of installation and configurations schemas.

Encrypted Communications

Keep your communications from being intercepted and your channels secure with 16-bit encryption, other enhancements are also available using Digital Privacy and RAS (Restricted Access to System).


Frequency range

VHF (136-174 MHz); UHF (400-527 MHz)


64 channels

Power output

1 – 100W (VHF), 1 – 100W (UHF) – can offer continuous transmit power of 100W


14.1 kg

Dimensions H x W x D

89mm x 483mm x 370mm


System types

Conventional analogue, Digital (TDMA); Repeater mode, Simplex mode, IPSC. This model is radio trunk capable (Capacity Plus as standard/Capacity Max via license), MPT1327.

Scan types

Normal, Priority, Dual priority, Nuisance channel delete, Talk group, All groups

Call types

All call types supported.

Speech Encryption

Standard DVSI, AMBE+2™ vocoders, extra basic call privacy and RAS is available.

User Environment

Accelerated Life Test (ALT)

Yes, ALT. This has always set Motorola apart from other manufacturers and is a key benefit of using Motorola OEM equipment

IP Rating

Designed for indoor usage only.


Standard warranty

2 years for transceiver only, 12 months on Motorola OEM accessories.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Please see our comprehensive SLA options.  SLA’s are normally customised to a customer’s needs and not to ours.


What we think

Jason from the Service Team: “A beefed up version of the SLR5500, its can double the RF power although in the UK a valid OFCOM license would be needed to operate at this level. The extra power is useful for lossy combining in large systems. A serious piece of kit with every option available with great power backup options and alarm management. By definition this is a systems repeater on every level.”

MOTOTRBO SLR8000 Datasheet


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