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Designed with a particular emphasis on commercial use, the IC-M85E is a high-class waterproof marine handheld radio that meets both marine and simple Private Business Radio (PBR) applications.  The unit is compact and robust using modern construction methods.

The IC-M85E contains critical commercial features including built-in voice scrambler ensuring private conversation and emergency features including Man down and lone worker function.

Compact and Lightweight

The IC-M85E is the most compact and lightweight commercial grade marine and land mobile hybrid radio in the world (as of November 2017, researched by ICOM).

Up to 100 PMR channels (licenses are required)

In addition to marine VHF channels, the IC-M85E covers 136–174 MHz PMR channels.  Up to 100 programmable channels are available for PMR use.  Each channel is programmable with CTCSS and DTCS tones.

Selectable MOB Alarm, Man Down and Lone Worker Functions

The IC-M85E has three emergency related functions: Selectable MOB Alarm (when used with other IC-M85 radios), Man Down and Lone Worker functions.  If one of these functions are activated, the radio automatically makes an emergency alarm.

Built-in Voice Scrambler

The radio has a built-in Voice Scrambler and can provide private communication between stations (32-code, compatible with UT-112 voice scrambler unit).

Instant Operation with Multi-Function Button

Channel group changing (Marine PMR) or the scrambler function ON/OFF can be assigned to the multi-function button on the top panel*.  The Key lock function can be activated by holding the button.

*Ask your dealer for details.

700 mW Powerful Audio

Despite its compact body, the IC-M85E delivers 700 mW of loud audio.  Clear communications are vital in noisy environments.

The usual features are still here

AquaQuake, internal VOX, long battery life, 5W output power, self-check function, monitor, priority scan, dual and tri-watch functions for monitoring CH16 along with a favourite channel function.


Frequency range (Hybrid function)

Marine channels

VHF (TX 156.0000 – 161.4500 MHz, RX 156.0000-163.4250 MHz)

PMR channels

VHF (TX/RX 136.0000 – 174.0000 MHz) – licenses required from OFCOM (UK)


Standard Marine/100 channels

Power output


Programmable buttons

1 FAV/* button (favourite)

Emergency button



Yes, for common feature access, Hi/Lo, Scan/Dual, Vol/Sql/Moni, 16/C, Fav


Good screen size (when compared to small size of radio)


246g (with Battery, aerial and clip)

Dimensions H x W x D

92mm x 56mm x 29mm


System types

Conventional analogue marine band, instant access to channel 16 or a programmable call channel.  Standard VHF PBR channels are also accessible (hybrid), OFCOM licenses will be needed.

Scan types

Dual and Tri-watch functions

Call types

Standard PTT calling

Speech Encryption

Built in scrambler, 32-code, compatible with UT-112 voice scrambler unit), it is obvious but you will need another compatible unit to be able to use this function.  Care should be used on marine channels.

User Environment

Special Function

AquaQuake draining function

Battery Life Indicator

Low Battery indicator

IP Rating

IP67, (1.0m depth of water for 30mins), unit has also passed MIL-STD-810 specifications.


Standard warranty

1 years

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Please see our comprehensive SLA options.  SLA’s are normally customised to a customer’s needs and not to ours.


What we think

Jason from the Service Team: “Personally all ‘small’ radios have to be given some extra consideration from a useability point of view.  Anything Smaller than the hand? – all radio units start to become difficult to use, easy to carry maybe.  The smaller PTT and other function buttons will lead to misuse and the dreaded frustration.  Lots of great features, the hybrid PBR capability make this unit great for marina, river, transition areas.

ICOM IC-M85E Leaflet


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