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Short Term Hire Radios

Short Term Hire Radios

From £4 per week

Our hire radios can be used anywhere in the UK covered by our own short-term hire Ofcom licence for up to 12 months from as little as £4.00 per week excl. vat

All Private Business Handportable Two-Way Radios are supplied with Battery, Aerial, leather Case, Single or 6-Way Rapid Charger Several additional Handportable Accessories are also available for Hire or Purchase – please ask for details

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Suitable for Heavy Duty Applications requiring High Powered Handportable Two-Way Radios for Maximum Range with Licensed Frequencies

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Radio Hire Benefits

  • No initial capital outlay – pay only for what you use, when you use it.
  • Free consultation and advice.
  • Additions and replacements are quickly supplied.
  • Multiple frequencies and channels are available.
  • No OFCOM radio license needed (use our hire license).
  • Catering for simple radio systems to extensively backed up multi-site systems.
  • Short- and Long-Term contracts available.
  • Supplement existing radio fleets for short durations.
Many Solutions for multiple scenarios

We have hand-portable and mobile equipment (various models) in analogue and digital formats.  We have a variety of charging solutions, carrying solutions and audio accessories available.  We also have our bespoke deployable control room solutions that offer radio over IP (ROIP) and voice recording facilities.

If you need wider area coverage, we can hire out radio repeaters (boosters).  In certain setups using digital technology, we can get the radios to “roam” between the booster sites.  Portable and deployable radio rebroadcast units are also available for certain unique setups, these can provide gateways between different frequency bands or even between analogue and digital platforms.

Additional Accessories

Spare Batteries – We always have a large serviceable stock of spare Battery packs.  The Lithium-Ion units are high capacity, thinner and a lot lighter than their cheaper counterparts. All batteries are original Motorola NOT cheap 3rd party copies.  This ensures peace of mind and optimal performance.

Remote Speaker Microphone – Noise Cancelling Remote Speaker Microphones with a 3.5mm earpiece jack.  Makes operating the radio a little more convenient.  These items are robust and essential with heavy industry.  Item can be used with the 3.5mm earpiece option (also available).

“Around the ear” 2 wire earpiece/mic – Hygienic around the ear “D” styled 2 wire audio accessories.  Extremely comfortable to wear for long periods with a flexible rubber backband.  The accessory has a combined PTT and microphone, very lightweight.

Lightweight Headset – A lightweight headset (single cup) with a flexible boom mic.  There is an inline PTT unit built into this accessory.

12VDC Charger – This option gives the ability for users to charge the radios or batteries with the vehicle 12VDC.

Peltor Heavy Duty Headset – A twin cupped heavy-duty headset with a flexible boom mic.  There is an inline PTT unit built into this accessory.  This item offers hearing protection and is the same unit that airports use.

“In the ear” 2 wire earpiece/mic – non-hygienic in the ear styled 2 wire audio accessories.  Extremely covert.  The accessory has a combined PTT and microphone, very lightweight.  ** The rubber tip and clear tube need to be purchased for hygiene reasons.

Typical Hire Equipment

A standard hire unit consists of a:-

  • Radio transceiver
  • Radio aerial
  • Radio battery (OEM unit not a 3rd party copy)
  • Radio accessory cover
  • Single rapid charger unit (OEM unit not a 3rd party copy)
  • Carry Case (with integrated pocket clip)
  • Shoulder Strap (clips onto the case)
  • Pocket Clip (if requested)
  • OFCOM license provision
  • Service and support

We can tailor any product and solution to our user’s needs.

By the Day, Week, Month and longer

We have available for hire a large quantity and selection of hand-portable radios, vehicle mobiles and office radios (desktop), talk-through repeaters (signal boosters), accessories and charger options. All radios come with a carrying accessory, for example – a pocket clip, case and strap or a combination of the two.

Multiple unit charger units are available so the demand on power sockets can be kept at a minimum, they usually cater for up to 6 radios or batteries. In-vehicle charging provision can also be provided, great for users on the move, let us know your requirements.

Need more reasons to hire radio?
  • Costs are fixed, no usage-related running costs or line rental – all calls are free.
  • To complement and increase the existing quantity of radios on site for a short period.
  • All hire costs are tax-deductible.
  • No delays, equipment available from stock.
  • Personalised, radios can be supplied with or without accessories.
  • Customised, radios can be supplied on your frequencies or our hire channels.
  • We hold the licenses, VHF and UHF, for Immediate use with few formalities.
  • Service, replacement service for faulty equipment.
  • Channel plan and fleet map management for larger hires.
  • Customised user guides if required (with company branding etc).

Hire Process

Need equipment quickly? in the first instance call us on 0191 2621221 now.

Existing TalkBack Radio Hire customers need only inform us of your requirements and the equipment will be prepared immediately.
If you are new to TalkBack Radio Hire some details will be needed before any hire can start (just like any hire company).

Please request a credit application form and email/fax it back to us ASAP – this speeds the process up for new customers requiring credit facilities.  Even if credit facilities are not required, the company identity is still needed.

A radio hire quotation can be sent once we have your requirements.

If you require intrinsically safe ATEX radios then please contact us for availability.

For more information and current short-term rates, please email us.

You’ve pressed the SEND button – what next?

A unit hire price (per week) will be emailed, it will be based on the information you provided via the above form.  Radios come with a charging provision for 100% of the radios (unless instructed otherwise), a carry case and strap (a pocket clip can also be included if requested), aerial and OEM battery.

If you have any special requirements, please ensure this is added in the requirements fields.

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