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Yes. We have a dedicated radio systems demonstration room at our premises, and we can also take equipment to our customers for on-site trials and evaluations, all free of charge.
No. All advice given will be from our fully trained and experienced engineers.
Undoubtedly! There will always be companies claiming to be the ‘cheapest’, but that’s not and will never be our goal. We only supply high quality equipment backed up with un-rivalled professional service. Our high reputation has been built on long term customer satisfaction and retention, and not on short term profit.
Credit and Debit Cards, BACS, Standing Order, Cheque or Cash.
All professional grade radios (analogue and digital) require an Ofcom licence. Please read the ‘Licensing’ page in the ‘Products’ section for more information.
We do when equipment is available. Please contact us with your requirements and we can confirm availability at the time.
We do, but only the rugged high quality models – please refer to the ‘License Free’ pages in our ‘Products’ section.
We do; please call us to discuss the options.
No. From our experience, each customer’s requirements and operations are very individual which we insist on discussing with you at length, such that we can advise on the most suitable solution and equipment before any new sale, rental or hire takes place.


Yes; from forklift trucks to quarry excavation vehicles any mobile installation can be arranged.
Yes; Maintenance contracts are available to cover most equipment types and complete systems. Please contact us for more information.
Equipment is usually looked at within 24hrs of book in, contract and maintenance customers have a higher priority. If you need quick turnaround ensure this is communicated to the engineers.
Credit and Debit Cards, BACS, Standing Order, Cheque or Cash.


Please tell or send us your email address and we will send you a credit application form for completion and return. The documentation will be reviewed and an email response given as soon as possible.
Invoices can either be sent to your chosen email address, given by hand when equipment is collected, or posted out if requested.
Credit and Debit Cards, BACS, Standing Order, Cheque or Cash.
In the event that you should require a copy invoice or have a query please email us and we will endeavour to respond within 48 hours. Alternatively, if you wish to contact us personally to discuss any issues with your account please do not hesitate to do so.
Remittance advice notices and all your account queries can be sent via email to accounts payable, refer email address below.
Our preferred method of payment is by BACS, or by Standing Order for re-occurring invoices. Bank details will be sent to you on account set-up and are also shown in the header of our invoice and credit notes.
No problem, we can take a card payment over the telephone and dispatch your goods and/or services within the agreed time scale.


If you are an existing customer and have credit facilities, send us an email with your requirements and we will confirm the order. - For new customers we need to confirm a few details beforehand; send us an email with your requirements and we will follow it up.
No. We hold a radio hire license which allows us to hire equipment to any part of the U.K. for periods up to 1 year.
We have a large stock of hire radios at all times. If you have an account with us, the equipment will generally be immediately available for collection by you or delivery by us, subject to any specific programming requirements. - Non-account customers would be asked to confirm payment method prior to the hire commencing.
Credit and Debit Cards, BACS, Standing Order, Cheque or Cash.
Yes. Our service vans regularly deliver & collect equipment to and from our customers throughout the North East of England. We use a next-day courier for deliveries to our customers throughout the U.K.
Motorola radio equipment is very reliable. Radio failure is rare but it can happen. A replacement will be sent immediately as soon as we have been informed.
Yes, and at no additional cost provided we have your frequency and programming details.
No. Our short term hire licence is for radio use in the UK only.


The radio frequencies are the same; the voice is no longer analogue but now a string of coded zero and ones. As a result this is the same language as computers and as such interfacing digital radios to computers and digital services is a lot cheaper and simpler.
Digital radios give the impression of increased range due to the lack of noise in fringe coverage areas. Better perceived radio range have been experienced from users but digital radio should never be used to overcome a traditional radio range problem.
One of our main objectives is to provide our customers with full technical support at every opportunity all the time, we all are all engineers.
One of our strengths is bespoke design and fabrication, give us a call and we`ll have chat about your ideas.
Yes; to a point. Let us know what you are looking for and if we can help we will.
Rule of thumb is using line of sight principles but in the real world it can be very different. We will not quote distances as this is incorrect unless you are operating in an open field. We can extend radio range using repeaters and rebroadcast units but real world radio range testing is the only way anyone can guarantee radio range – no short cuts.
This is variable upon duty ratios, based upon 90% standby, 5% transmit and 5% receive most radio battery units should last at least 8 hours, some models last up to 12/15 hours.
Try taking the battery off and placing it in the charger by itself
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