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General Notice of Licence Variation (regarding EMF)

General Notice of Licence Variation (regarding EMF)

To all OFCOM radio license holders,

There is a new regulation regarding public exposure to EMF (electromagnetic fields) which all radio licence holders have to comply with.  There is a link below to the OFCOM website page for further information.

All licence holders have to record and carry out checks on their radio equipment to ensure it complies, and take remedial action if it does not.

The basic rules are:

  • The regulation only applies to equipment that transmits over 10 watts
  • The General Public must not be able to have access to within 1.5 metres of the antenna of any equipment transmitting at between 10 and 25 watts

This means that:

  • All handportables are exempt
  • Vehicle, desk radios and repeaters transmitting at 10 watts or less are exempt
  • All vehicle radios, desk radios and repeaters transmitting over 10 watts comply if the General Public do not have access within 1.5 metres of the radio antenna

The majority of PMR and DMR licence holders will already comply with the new regulations without taking any remedial action, but are still required to record the fact that their equipment and  locations have been checked.

Possible exceptions where action may be required:

  • Vehicle radios with access to public roads must now transmit at 10W or less
  • Desk radios and repeaters where the General Public (not the Licence holder’s employees) can be within 1.5 meters of the antenna.

Visit the OFCOM website for more information


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